Sales Is An In-born Survival Skill

Sales Is An In-born Survival Skill

Abstract: At what age did we lose the ability to attract the people who would give us what we needed? The relatives and neighbors, the friends we sold our ideas and pet projects to, and the elders who gave us want we wanted. Sales is a skill that is necessary for Survival even today.

As an infant in arms, we would cry when hungry, when sleepy, to have our diaper changed; when we wanted to be picked up; when we felt lonely and afraid. As a child with caring parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles nearby, once more it was: ask, ask, and ask once more: persistent and consistently until we got what we wanted.

Crying Baby seeks Attention
    Crying Baby is a great Sales kid

Few of us, as “problem kids” would throw tantrums and even roll on the floor (if the elders let us), till we got what we wanted. In each of these situations, we acted naturally and from the heart … and sold our pet projects to the elders.

child throws a tantrum
The child throws a tantrum … and gets what he wants. He is a great salesman


Thus, Sales IS an in-born survival skill.

In the Digital Marketing world, Sales still make or break our business. Sales have always been a Survival Skill. Then why does our Education system not train us or allow us to practise this skill?

As soon as we turned 10 years old, elders started inhibiting us with their limiting beliefs. Our innocent child brains – which would imagine 10 impossible things before breakfast – got trained to “conform”.

Have you heard any of these sentences: “There’s no use your asking me again and again! The answer will always be No”; “You are not as clever as your elder brother, so don’t even try”; “To be successful at a business, your family needs to have lots of money”; “It takes money to make money”, etc.

Somewhere, between childhood and old age, our Sales skill goes dormant. Many people go to their graves with their songs still unsung, their dreams unfulfilled.

All it needs is the spark from a good Mentor to ignite the in-born Sales Skills within us. At you will find the Mentor(s) you need for any Skill in any Digital Market Arena.

Everyone is in sales. What do you sell? 

Door to door Salesman
Door to Door Salesmen trained themselves to knock at yet another door. They kept track of their success rates and doubled the number of doors visited to complete their targets
Shocking? You think you are a professional and have a great job. You shy away from sales and marketing domain areas. However, we do need to open our eyes mind and thinking to the fact that each & every one of us is in SALES. What we sell and what we trade, what items we exchange brings in the difference to our lives and the lives of our dear ones.








Software, IT Professionals: We sell our skills, our expertise in software development … as we go up the ladder, we showcase our leadership, people management, software CMMi, PMP skills … to get a promotion we need to give a good write-up about our achievements: it’s all a matter of presentation … have you heard such ideas before?

Interview as a Sale of yourself
An interview is a Sale of yourself as the best-suited person for the job, the promotion, or the new responsibility.

Managers, Sales, Marketing Departments: project pre-sales, customer discussions, showcase suitable resumes … all these are actually sales tasks. Freshers: most pitiable category in today’s fast-moving world. Industry wants experience and expertise: profile writing, resume wordings, interview, Group Discussions: you name the activity … to get the first job … a lot of sales tasks need to be completed.

Unfortunately, no one teaches these topics in schools or college.

Should we not then focus on improving our skills in SALES? What is a sale? A sale is an exchange of goods between 2 parties … where one party needs the goods and the other has the money to pay for it.

Why does the person part with money? Only because someone has the solution he needs. Be a solution finder, a helping hand, a facilitator … and you will find as much money as u need.

You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want. ~ Zig Ziglar


Train yourself to be Great in Sales … Be a Solutions Provider … and Success will follow.

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About the Author: Dr. Naseem Mariam Ph.D. (Acu) loves to heal people. She helps super-busy, over-worked housewives maintain health and agility with custom-designed acupressure routines. She has cured 1000+ ladies in the past 10 years, and they now perform at their best level mentally and physically.

As a freelancer, her areas of expertise are Content writing, Testing & Project Management consultancy. For 24 yrs., she was in the IT industry as a systems Tester, in-house Faculty & Senior Project Manager. She is an author of articles and books on Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle since 2001. Visit her blogs at


Mentors: why you need one

What is a Mentor? Is he a guru, a grandfather/ grandmother – figure, a father / mother-figure, a guardian, a friend, a confidant? All these and more. The main duty of a Mentor is to ensure that we execute and accomplish the promises we made to ourselves and our families. The Mentor benefits intangible ways: with the blessings of Almighty on him. “Men are rich only as they give. He who gives great service gets great rewards” ~ Elbert Hubbard.

What does an adult need to promise his family: To his parents, he needs to promise to be there for them in physical and financial support when they age, to children he needs to promise to share their triumphs and trials, to attend their celebrations, and matches … to be there for them in the evenings and share family time, to provide them with a secure atmosphere filled with great values, to their spouse they must promise a few romantic evenings every week, great fully free vacations with no financial tensions.

The greatest gift that they can plan and work for, however, is to ensure that even if they are no longer around, their family – aged parents, spouse, and children – will be well taken care of financially and that they would be able to maintain at least 60% of their current lifestyle.

In today’s complex world filled with job insecurity, life insecurity, and stressful hurly-burly life … most of us find that we are not able to think of making the above mentioned bare essential life promises.

With respect to Job security, there is no need to elaborate much, as we have seen a huge share of the media devoted to the effects of the recession. Add to that the fact that inflation eats into our regular income … for those who are lucky enough to still retain their jobs. Not much leftover to keep aside … even if u kept money in the bank, looking at the rate the inflation rises, the money in the bank will not suffice …

With respect to life security, we know (refer to my blog “Health awareness is a must for all Indians”) that Indians are really suffering from lifestyle changes … with diseases and disorders. Can u count the number of people in your circle of contacts who have had someone in the family die of cancer, of sudden heart attack … without any life insurance coverage to help their family.

How many have fallen ill and had to spend all their meager savings to get well … or at least try to recover life back to the same “healthy” levels as before … without any medical insurance.

Mentorship and Mentors Roles
Mentorship and Mentors Roles

Why will adults remain adamant and NOT avail of the tools of modern life: life insurance, ULIPS and medical insurance? When they know that these would benefit their loved ones … or is it that adults and bread-earners of the house-holds become self-focused and selfish?

In such a scenario, if anyone adult or teenager wishes to take good care of his parents, spouse and children … and then also have money for charity, he needs a Mentor desperately. The Mentor will help him plan his financial goals, guide him on how to achieve the goals and monitor, track the progress, help him with income generation methodologies and ensure that the adult achieves what goals he sets.

The Mentor will not execute the plan of action … he will only suggest, guide, and help … maybe even share the workload of the Action … the adult however must give his 25 to 30% minimum effort.

Do you want to meet such service-minded Mentors, who are themselves very successful entrepreneurs, and who are looking to train others to take great care of their families … by increasing your income levels through a spare-time entrepreneurship program?

Meet mentors ready to guide, train, and help u succeed. Interested in health, wealth & time abundance for yourself and your family? Want to have your own biz with free help and guidance of successful people? Come become a GIGster at

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About the Author: Dr. Naseem Mariam Ph.D. (Acu) heals people using Alternative therapies for over 10 years now. Earlier, she has worked for 24 years as a Senior Software Manager in Wipro and Aricent Technologies in design and testing of applications and systems, managing large projects for customers worldwide.  During 2001 – 2003, she wrote many articles on self-development, personal health, project management, and customer satisfaction. Revisiting that treasure trove and republishing those articles. She has authored an ebook called “Project Serenity – How to gain happiness and peace” and 3 books on Lifestyle and Wellness: “Serene Wellness: Daily Practise in 7 Areas”, “Belly Loss Blueprint: Come N.E.A.R. Vibrant Health” with its companion “Belly Loss Habits: Workbook to Vibrant Health”.