10 Must-have Articles in Freelance Content Creator’s Portfolio

10 Must-have Articles in Freelance Content Creator’s Portfolio


          i. Listicles {Top 10, 3 simple ways, FAQs using 5Ws+H}
             “Detoxify: Detox Drinks to Reduce Belly Fat & Enhance Immunity
      Other articles available as listed in Blog Map
      ii. How to
               “How to write a 1000+ word article in 3 days: Magic of 3 5 7”
      iii. Email sequence, email courses
       iv. Social Media content
         v. Interviews
              My interview is in Shweta Patel’s book “Mama’s Mission Slim Possible
      vi. Pillar Content
      vii. Reviews of Products / Services, Comparisons
            2 Book reviews for IEEE Software, published in their journals

     viii. Squeeze Page
    eNewsletter “Wellness We Love”  
    ix. Landing page
    Home | Your Holistic Health Success Mentor (wordpress.com)
    x. FB Ads, Google Ads

      Also, National Newspapers published articles

About the Author: Dr. Naseem Mariam PhD (Acu) heals people using Alternative therapies for over 10 years now. Earlier, she has worked for 24 years as a Senior Software Manager in Wipro and Aricent Technologies in the design and testing of applications and systems, managing large projects for customers worldwide. During 2001–2003, she wrote many articles on self-development, personal health, project management, and customer satisfaction. Revisiting that treasure trove and republishing those articles. She has authored an ebook called “Project Serenity – How to gain happiness and peace” and 3 books on Lifestyle and Wellness: “Serene Wellness: Daily Practise in 7 Areas”, “Belly Loss Blueprint: Come N.E.A.R. Vibrant Health” with its companion “Belly Loss Habits: Workbook to Vibrant Health”