“Healthy Living with Complementary Therapies – Level 1”

TWO days workshop  @ 9.30am to 4pm. Do bring your lunch.
For dates of next workshop DM @naseemmacu on Instagram, or Twitter.

Problems addressed:

  1. Prevention of deadly 10: Coronary artery disease (Heart health), Stroke (Reduce stress, Improve Sleep), Respiratory illness (Enhance immunity), COPD (Lungs care), Cancers (Healthy Diet & Happy Mind), Diabetes (Improve Metabolism, Reduce Obesity), Alzheimer’s disease (Mind Health to improve cognition), Diarrhea (improve Digestion & Absorption), TB (Improve Breathing), Cirrhosis (Liver Health),  and
  2. Cure for common ailments without popping over-the-counter pills.

What you will learn: (a) Acupuncture Laws & Theories, Reflexology & SuJok correspondence
(b) Use of needles, acupressure, massagers, micro magnets, seeds, ear seeds, color to heal

Pricing (MRP): Rs. 15,000/- Discounted price: Rs. 10,000/-

Bonus: International Certificate from International SuJok Association (ISA), FREE Practise Kit and
FREE One-year membership of International SuJok Association (ISA) (Total Rs. 2000/- Value)

Maximum Seats: 15 only (No on the spot registration)

For more details visit (this page)

For registration & Venue details, click on the link: 

Do HURRY as the Seats are limited. 

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