Belly Loss 4 Habits Workshop

WORKSHOP ON BELLY LOSS 4 HABITS Reduce Belly Fat, Enhance Immunity, Enjoy Vibrant Health This workshop has been held many times since its inception in July 2020. It’s based along the lines of Mr. Gopalakrishnan’s Binge Marketing with a few twists and unique additional features. The Backdrop of Serene Wellness Author of “Serene Wellness: DailyContinue reading “Belly Loss 4 Habits Workshop”

My take on: Perception and Perspective

Perception is what you see with the eyes whereas perspective is what you conclude with your mind, emotions, feelings and soul. Perceptions are usually used with respect to the external objects whereas perspective is with respect to cultures, people, situations and your viewpoint about them.

How to Align Your Goals for Success

Ask yourself the question: “Am I committed to my objectives and goals and to my staff?” YOUR GOALS Maybe you have not yet defined your personal goals and thus cannot find any reason to achieve the work-place objectives? Are you just drifting along without a rudder and any sense of purpose? If yes, do proceedContinue reading “How to Align Your Goals for Success”