My Top Favorite Famous Books on Salesmen

My Top Favorite Famous Books on Salesmen

Think about Sales. What are the words and images that spring to your mind?

A business owner or salesman who focuses only on sale
telemarketing salesman glib talker
telemarketing salesman glib talker
Boastful salesman drives people away
Boastful salesman drives people away
pushy domineering door-to-door salesman
pushy domineering door-to-door salesman
Digital Marketing Funnel AIDA Model
Digital Marketing Funnel AIDA Model

During my Writer’s Bloc 10-week workshop by Sanjay Shenoy, I finally took action on the TRUTH that I had accepted long ago within my psyche: To master my life, I need to master Sales. Not the pushy, in-your-face sales technique of the bulldozer but the gentle, graceful persuasive powers of a master influencer.

Sales and Selling, and Life in a Holistic way, are embodied in these quotes:

“The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” -Thomas Paine

“Human beings have an innate inner drive to be autonomous, self-determined, and connected to one another. And when that drive is liberated, people achieve more and live richer lives.” -Daniel Pink

“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.” -Vince Lombardi 


Insights on Salesmen Top 5 books
Insights on Salesmen Top 5 books

I dedicated the month of December 2020 to search for, locate, read, understand and absorb the principles and practises of the Greatest Salesmen. I ventured into my extensive library to dust out 2 wonderful books which have been dear to me since my days as an IT Senior Software Manager.

Og Mandino - The greatest Salesman in the World
Og Mandino – The greatest Salesman in the World
  1. “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino (Famous, Forgotten)

10 scrolls of sales technique and life principles presented to the reader in the form of a gripping tale where the protagonist hands down a legacy: a few are privileged to get to read these precious 10 scrolls.

Christine Harvey - Successful Selling in a week
Christine Harvey – Successful Selling in a week
  1. “Successful Selling in a week” by Christine Harvey (Rare)

This book is part of the “in a week” series published by The Institute of Management, Hodder & Stoughton crisp, to-the-point deals with both the skills and the systems part of Successful Selling. Practical with Questions to search your Soul, worksheets to practise upon and creates an urgency to adopt the 7 simple actions described.

To this I included 3 priceless, recent purchases:

Dan S Kennedy - THe Ultimate Sales Letter
Dan S Kennedy – THe Ultimate Sales Letter
  1. “The Ultimate Sales Letter” by Dan S Kennedy


For me, I got superb Return On Investment from page 15.

I modified “10 Smart Market Diagnosis and Profiling Questions”, sending out my Questionnaire to students of my Belly Loss 4 Habits workshop and to friends, family and fellow students.

There are many more such case studies, samples and remarkable tips and techniques which are do-able and give quick results. Of course, the keyword here is DO; not merely read.

Seth Godin - the Practise Shipping Creative Work
Seth Godin – the Practise Shipping Creative Work
  1. “The Practise: Shipping Creative Work” by Seth Godin

    (Recently Released 2020)

Some books you are destined to possess. Your vibe attracts a few books towards you. The Practise is such a book. I started reading Seth from browsing through YouTube and landing at random (while researching on Marketing). Visited a website and subscribed to a newsletter. I enjoy the small snippets we receive in our email. Actually, I purchased this book through an announcement in the Seth Godin newsletter.

This is a style of writing I aspire that to. One day text such as Seth’s writing will seamlessly flow from my mind: clear language, use of the most powerful word, simple in grammatical constructs. Wow!

Then the concepts presented had me hooked. The reason I purchase few books in paperback is to underline (in pencil) phrases, ideas and quotations for my future presentations. This book really challenged me: there was not a single page that I could stop underlining. I did not underline this book. Instead, I took a snapshot of 2 passages and posted it to my community of Online friends, recommending that they purchase this book for themselves.

Daniel Priestley - Oversubscribed
Daniel Priestley – Oversubscribed
  1. “Oversubscribed” by Daniel Priestley

    (A Must Read for Entrepreneurs and Influencers)

Wonderful concepts. Another book where my pencil has been busy. The call to action of Seth Godin’s “The Practise” and the proven tactics and real-world lessons of “Oversubscribed” inspire me to (a) practise these concepts in my Serene Wellness Academy Group SWAG business and (b) prepare and conduct a workshop for my fellow freelancers. These ideas will uplift our mindset and the strategy and practise will ensure we remain oversubscribed as freelancers who continuously ship creative work: works of art that ensure raving fans and glowing advocates.

John Lee Dumas - The Common Path to Uncommon Success
John Lee Dumas – The Common Path to Uncommon Success

Eagerly waiting for: “The Common Path to Uncommon Success: A Roadmap to Financial Freedom and Fulfilment” by John Lee Dumas. I have pre-ordered the Kindle edition of this book. The digital version will be available on March 23, 2021.

Additional Reading:

  1. Naseem Mariam, “Sales is an Inborn Survival Skill

About the Author: Dr. Naseem Mariam PhD (Acu) heals people using Alternative therapies for over 10 years now. Earlier, she has worked for 24 years as a Senior Software Manager in Wipro and Aricent Technologies in the design and testing of applications and systems, managing large projects for customers worldwide. During 2001–2003, she wrote many articles on self-development, personal health, project management, and customer satisfaction. Revisiting that treasure trove and republishing those articles. She has authored an ebook called “Project Serenity – How to gain happiness and peace” and 3 books on Lifestyle and Wellness: “Serene Wellness: Daily Practise in 7 Areas”, “Belly Loss Blueprint: Come N.E.A.R. Vibrant Health” with its companion “Belly Loss Habits: Workbook to Vibrant Health”.

Opposites Complement for Business Success

Opposites Complement for Business Success

Abstract: Opposites attract – they sure do. In the business world, we must mix management styles and personality types of leaders for stability and solid success of an organization. Let’s see a few examples in actual life.

We have often heard romantic tales of romances where the tall, dark, handsome boy meets a pale, fair-complexioned girl and they fall in love with each other. After a lot of obstacles, fighting, and misunderstandings, they finally realize that they love each other and live happily ever after. This happens both in novels and also in actual life.

Now let’s leave the mushy world of romance behind and walk over to the hard reality of business life. Do opposites attract here also? And is the outcome positive when the alchemy works? You got it wrong – here I am not talking of boy meets girl.

In the business world, we need to marry management styles and personalities. The aim is to achieve faster, better decision-making, risk-taking, and business growth. When the Board of a company is filled with like-minded people, there is not much creativity, no originality, and therefore not much room for spectacular successes!

It is when complements come together in the Board Room we see the sparks of genius fly and companies reach up to the stars. These differing personalities respect one another … mostly because they realize they depend on one another’s psychological strengths and weaknesses to attract success.

Let us take the example of two managers, Larry and Kit. Larry was slow of speech. He had a tremendous memory and would remember all the details of the statistics, the reports, and emails that he had received even a year back. When asked for a decision he would take his time, evaluate all the various bits and pieces of evidence he had with respect to the issue on hand … and then he would give his opinion.

Kit, on the other hand, was very dynamic, very aggressive, and fast in making decisions. He depended on his decisions on how the issue had been presented to him, what he knew of the issue and what he felt with his heart.

Now place both Kit and Larry in the same Board Room to make the crucial decisions about a company. The discussion was about the design of the latest version of the motherboard for a switch. How much memory should it have?

The software team as usual wanted an enormous amount of memory and faster speeds. Was it possible to provide it in the hardware? Kit did some fast calculations and said Yes; hardware could provide the desired speeds.

Then Larry slowly nudged Kit, told him a few statistics, and after consulting with each other both Kit and Larry came up with the decision that only 70% of the speed requested could be provided because of reasons a, b and c. The software team was asked to revise their design to make do with the new hardware specifications.

One other day when one team wanted a quick decision and Larry was pondering about it, Kit walked in. Kit gave a few leads and triggered off the links in Larry’s mind, and together they could decide immediately.

This marriage of logical thought and empathetic heartfelt manner of deciding gave the company a very good balanced management. The impulsive, on-the-spot decision making, risk-taking attitude of Kit could achieve outstanding success when it was combined with the logical thinking and slow deliberations of Larry.

Take the case of Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Here too we have a case of opposites complementing each other, and the rest is history with the successful sustenance of Microsoft during its formative days.


[1] Naseem Mariam, Article “Top 10 Qualities of a Great Leader

About the Author: Dr. Naseem Mariam Ph.D. (Acu) heals people using Alternative therapies for over 10 years now. Earlier, she has worked for 24 years as a Senior Software Manager in Wipro and Aricent Technologies in the design and testing of applications and systems, managing large projects for customers worldwide.  During 2001–2003, she wrote many articles on self-development, personal health, project management, and customer satisfaction. Revisiting that treasure trove and republishing those articles. She has authored an eBook called “Project Serenity – How to gain happiness and peace” and 3 books on Lifestyle and Wellness: “Serene Wellness: Daily Practise in 7 Areas”, “Belly Loss Blueprint: Come N.E.A.R. Vibrant Health” with its companion “Belly Loss Habits: Workbook to Vibrant Health”.

Increase Your Profits and Time Freedom with Outsourcing

Increase Your Profits and Time
Freedom with Outsourcing

Abstract: This article lists the 10 skills and 10 Arenas of Digital Marketing. It then describes 3 Profiles of Entrepreneurs looking to outsource tasks, their avatar description, pain points, and what they need to be more profitable online. Outsource creative, repetitive, and mundane tasks … to focus on your customer.


Digital Marketing consists of 10 Skills exhibited in 10 Digital Marketing Arenas.

The 10 Digital Marketing Skills

The 10 Skills needed in a Digital Marketing project for the success of an Entrepreneur are:

  1. Business Consultancy: Niche & Avatar clarity, Mission, Vision, Strategy definition, and alignment
  2. Content Creation: writing, marketing (copywriting), freelancing – all types of content
  3. Digital Design: logo, book covers/video/podcast thumbnails/ visuals.
  4. Mastery over Media: written spoken visual audio-visual like Books/Videos/Podcast/Visuals
  5. Flywheel Funnel: Design of Flywheel Funnel. Refer to the article “What You Get When You Outsource the Whole Flywheel Funnel” at
  6. Analytics & Optimization: Keywords, competitor analysis, SEO, analytics
  7. Marketing: Organic, Paid Ads, Social Media, Shout Outs from Influencers,
  8. Tools & Automation: Refer to the list of tools that Zapier & Pabbly integrate
  9. Community Building: Learning Management Systems, Offline, and online Meetups, Private Forums, Paid Memberships
  10. Multiple Streams of Income: Affiliate Marketing, requests for Shout Outs, Speaking Calendar.

Outsourcing & Freelancing belong both to Skills and Digital Marketing Arena where the above 10 Skills get used. As they use multiple skills, let’s put them as an Arena.

The 10 Digital Marketing Areas

  1. Website for online presence: consists of a website, Google My Business (GMB), and Blog
  2. Landing Pages to Give Gifts: email list building
  3. Paid Ads to Contact new clients: FB/IG Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads
  4. Let’s Connect to Nurture: stay in touch with Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Bots, Mighty Networks, FB Groups, Membership Hubs, etc.
  5. Analytics to Optimize Spends: Google Analytics, Google Search console
  6. Social Media Marketing to Create Influence: IG, FB, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Podcast, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.
  7. Author to Establish Authority; Automate for Personal Freedom
  8. Upsell to Generate MSI
  9. Outsourcing: Request for the job to be done by Gigster
  10. Freelancing: Expert who takes up Gigs requested by the EntrepreneursRefer article “Digital Marketing Gigs: Tasks that can be outsourced by Entrepreneurs to a Virtual Assistant, Freelancer, or Gigster” by Dr. Naseem Mariam,


  1. Professional I2C,
  2. Solopreneur B2C,
  3. Entrepreneur B2B, {agency will follow one of B2C or B2B depending on their end client}

Type 1: Professional – Individual to Customer I2C

A Professional has the key advantage that he/she is clear of the niche: sub-niche identification may not be very clearly defined.

3 states of current online status: no presence or basic website, an advanced website with the creation of email list creation, social media. At we need to focus only on the current state of online presence: Nil / basic & advanced

And what their desired state is:
Phase 1: basic website and Google My Business (GMB);
Phase 2: Phase 1 and Email, SMS, WhatsApp, telegram marketing, squeeze and
Phase 3: Phase 2 and Social Media Marketing, blog, coach, tribe building

Pain points: no reliable funnel of customers; no promotion events; income varies from day to day; sometimes overflow, other times trickle; no proper channel to collect testimonials; lost contact with past customers and no retargeting, no announcements of events.

Current marketing scenario: word of mouth, referrals from previous customers, doubtful, and lag time is huge. Few Ads in newspapers paid no consistent or effective use of social media channels; customer list is maintained manually along with customer issues and how it was handled or resolved

Desired state 1:

  1. 5-page website {i.e. home page, services available, tools used, testimonials, about us, contact us, training material, housekeeping pages like confidentiality, privacy}
  2. use Paid Ads,
  3. drive traffic to book a free consultation (this is the only lead magnet).
  4. Create an email list from the manual case studies,
  5. Categorize with different tags one each for type of issue solved,

Desired state 2:  as in State 1 and multiple squeeze pages with lead magnets, email autoresponder; special events for birthdays.

Desired state 3: all in state 2, use all types of SMM; 4 or 5 lead magnets; all mastery:  email SMM, lead gen, automation, affiliate, multiple streams if passive income, coach, tribe building; blitz marketing every month once or twice.

Type 2: Solopreneur – Biz Brand to Customer B2C

Current state: Good presence on any one social media platform. Not on multi-social media channels. Does not have Google My Business, website, and does not have a professional email id. No consistent growth strategy, absence of long-term vision, mission, or purpose of service. May have 1 or 2 members on his team.
Desired state: Mission, Vision, and Strategy are all aligned. Plans the content calendar for the next 3 months or at least 30 days ahead. He outsources tasks to a team of Gigsters for fast execution, A/B testing, analysis. Quick to adapt new strategies to move ahead.
Pain Points: Has a DIY attitude. Spends a lot of time and money learning multiple skills all at once, gets overwhelmed and frustrated. Does not act on what was learned. No thought of getting an ROI. The purchase of tools is without strategy buys more than one tool for the same purpose. No clear idea of niche, micro-niche, avatar, or keywords. Gets diverted by every shining object and scatters his money and efforts.
Current marketing scenario: Good in one SM (Social Media) channel. No systematic presence in multiple channels. Uses paid Ads but not optimized. Has one or max of 2 lead gen squeeze pages. Collects data but does no analysis and corrective strategies deployed. Not very successful in generating organic traffic. Not enough keyword research, often no clear Mission, Vision, and strategy
Desired state 1: Niche identified (Mission, Vision, Strategy, 60-minute elevator pitch, target avatar, keywords, Competitor analysis). Minimal website, organic and paid traffic optimized for a set of keywords, good presence in at least 3 SM channels. Conducts regular blitz events every month. Gets ROI fast: earn more than your monthly expenses. Earn a net income to cover total operating costs including the cost of paying your Mentors, monthly payments for tools, website.
Desired state 2: All items of desired state 1. Author of at least 3 books, blog very active, Social Media Marketing at least 6 out of 9 channels active and growing. At least one option in each of the 10 DM Arenas has been addressed and working fine. Testing the options and ready to scale up.
Desired state 3: Good fully organized social media content calendar. Multiple streams of Income. Regular webinars with healthy flywheel funnels. Fully automated systems to take metrics-based business decisions. Good fully filled flywheel funnels give continuous monthly income. Double comma Club. Always scaling, improving, growing depth, and width to the funnel. All 8 SM channels activated. All 4 of the keep-in-touch is ongoing.

Type 3: Entrepreneur – Brand to Companies B2B

Current state: Good presence in 4 out of 9 SM platforms, an influencer in at least 2.

Desired state: ready to scale. Wants to outsource repetitive tasks, creative tasks to free up time to focus on the Think Tank. May use a few key people. This team would be more efficient with expertise in new tools and techniques. The ideal situation would be a new product from the flywheel funnel every 3 or 6 months.

Pain Points: Lots of firefighting scenarios slow down progress. Wants to free up time by outsourcing the content on blogs and social media. Needs to regularly optimize for SEO, enhance existing content posted. Regular suggestions to improve flywheel funnel strategies based on analytics. Mastermind teams of experts can create the quantum leap to scale up.

Current marketing scenario:  Flywheel funnel working fine; yet can optimize. Needs constant monitoring and alertness to sustained negative trends. Upgrade the pictures, audio, and videos.

Desired state 1: Identify and Plug the gaps in the leaky bucket. Firefighting events decrease. Then help define strategies that enhance and upgrade Operations of the flywheel funnel.

Desired state 2: Scale-up each of 10 DM pieces and 10 Skills every month or every quarter or half-yearly.
Desired state 3: Address all 10 pieces of the DM funnel and 10 Skills. Mastermind teams are composed of in-house staff and Gigster experts. Regular discussions for maintenance, analysis, and identify the next set of improvements. This ensures a continuous increase in sales and profits.
Ryan Deiss 90-day Predictable Growth Plan
Ryan Deiss 90-day Predictable Growth Plan

Courtesy: Ryan Deiss’ “90-Day Predictable Growth Plan”


Read this article before you outsource your Digital Marketing tasks. You can describe clearly to your Gigster where you are and where you want to go. The Gigster / Freelancer and the Entrepreneur / Outsourcer now quickly have a common vision.

Additional Reading:

1. Abdullah Karadia, Article “Why be a freelancer?”

About the Author: Dr. Naseem Mariam loves to heal people. Her mission is to help super-busy over-worked housewives and executives maintain health and agility with custom-designed acupressure routines. She has cured 1000+ ladies in the past 10 years, and they now perform at their best mentally and physically.

As a freelancer, her areas of expertise are Content Creation, Systems Testing & Business Consultancy esp. to align a company’s Mission, Vision, and Strategy to their systems design. Her first career for 24 yrs., was in the IT industry testing systems, in-house Faculty & Project Management. Author of articles and books on Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle since 2001. For Lifestyle and Health/Wellness tips, visit her blog at and connect with her at LinkedIn and @dr.naseemmariam


Sales Is An In-born Survival Skill

Sales Is An In-born Survival Skill

Abstract: At what age did we lose the ability to attract the people who would give us what we needed? The relatives and neighbors, the friends we sold our ideas and pet projects to, and the elders who gave us want we wanted. Sales is a skill that is necessary for Survival even today.

As an infant in arms, we would cry when hungry, when sleepy, to have our diaper changed; when we wanted to be picked up; when we felt lonely and afraid. As a child with caring parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles nearby, once more it was: ask, ask, and ask once more: persistent and consistently until we got what we wanted.

Crying Baby seeks Attention
    Crying Baby is a great Sales kid

Few of us, as “problem kids” would throw tantrums and even roll on the floor (if the elders let us), till we got what we wanted. In each of these situations, we acted naturally and from the heart … and sold our pet projects to the elders.

child throws a tantrum
The child throws a tantrum … and gets what he wants. He is a great salesman


Thus, Sales IS an in-born survival skill.

In the Digital Marketing world, Sales still make or break our business. Sales have always been a Survival Skill. Then why does our Education system not train us or allow us to practise this skill?

As soon as we turned 10 years old, elders started inhibiting us with their limiting beliefs. Our innocent child brains – which would imagine 10 impossible things before breakfast – got trained to “conform”.

Have you heard any of these sentences: “There’s no use your asking me again and again! The answer will always be No”; “You are not as clever as your elder brother, so don’t even try”; “To be successful at a business, your family needs to have lots of money”; “It takes money to make money”, etc.

Somewhere, between childhood and old age, our Sales skill goes dormant. Many people go to their graves with their songs still unsung, their dreams unfulfilled.

All it needs is the spark from a good Mentor to ignite the in-born Sales Skills within us. At you will find the Mentor(s) you need for any Skill in any Digital Market Arena.

Everyone is in sales. What do you sell? 

Door to door Salesman
Door to Door Salesmen trained themselves to knock at yet another door. They kept track of their success rates and doubled the number of doors visited to complete their targets
Shocking? You think you are a professional and have a great job. You shy away from sales and marketing domain areas. However, we do need to open our eyes mind and thinking to the fact that each & every one of us is in SALES. What we sell and what we trade, what items we exchange brings in the difference to our lives and the lives of our dear ones.








Software, IT Professionals: We sell our skills, our expertise in software development … as we go up the ladder, we showcase our leadership, people management, software CMMi, PMP skills … to get a promotion we need to give a good write-up about our achievements: it’s all a matter of presentation … have you heard such ideas before?

Interview as a Sale of yourself
An interview is a Sale of yourself as the best-suited person for the job, the promotion, or the new responsibility.

Managers, Sales, Marketing Departments: project pre-sales, customer discussions, showcase suitable resumes … all these are actually sales tasks. Freshers: most pitiable category in today’s fast-moving world. Industry wants experience and expertise: profile writing, resume wordings, interview, Group Discussions: you name the activity … to get the first job … a lot of sales tasks need to be completed.

Unfortunately, no one teaches these topics in schools or college.

Should we not then focus on improving our skills in SALES? What is a sale? A sale is an exchange of goods between 2 parties … where one party needs the goods and the other has the money to pay for it.

Why does the person part with money? Only because someone has the solution he needs. Be a solution finder, a helping hand, a facilitator … and you will find as much money as u need.

You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want. ~ Zig Ziglar


Train yourself to be Great in Sales … Be a Solutions Provider … and Success will follow.

Additional Reading

  1. This article is also available at Silicon India Blogs as “Everyone is in sales. What do you sell? 
  2. Imran Shariff’s article, “Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in India.

About the Author: Dr. Naseem Mariam Ph.D. (Acu) loves to heal people. She helps super-busy, over-worked housewives maintain health and agility with custom-designed acupressure routines. She has cured 1000+ ladies in the past 10 years, and they now perform at their best level mentally and physically.

As a freelancer, her areas of expertise are Content writing, Testing & Project Management consultancy. For 24 yrs., she was in the IT industry as a systems Tester, in-house Faculty & Senior Project Manager. She is an author of articles and books on Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle since 2001. Visit her blogs at


4 Steps To Become A Smart Prosperous Expert

4 Steps To Become A Smart Prosperous Expert

By Dr. Naseem Mariam

Abstract: You know you are a Smart Prosperous Expert at something when you complete the task quickly, with ease and joy – like enjoying an evening walk. Yet the deliverable or outcome amazes the client and your team. Let’s learn the 4 Steps To Become An Expert in Any Field.


The world loves a Smart Prosperous Expert. A newbie is paid less than an Expert. So, how do you know you are an Expert? An Expert is one who asks questions, does some analysis, and gives a simple, perfect solution to the problem at hand. He does this so effortlessly that you may be fooled. You know you are an Expert at something when you complete the task quickly, with ease and joy – like enjoying an evening walk. Yet the deliverable or outcome amazes the client and your team.

Let’s listen to the story of the Expert Plumber. One day, in a huge mansion one pipe had got clogged and water was not flowing into all the 20 rooms on the north side. An Expert Plumber was called in.  He asked for the house blueprints, studied them for some time, and walked around a few corridors listening and tapping on the pipes. Within ten minutes he located the problem pipe, replaced it, and packed up his tools. He presented the mansion owner a bill for $5000. Astonished, the butler was indignant: “But you worked on only one pipe.”

The plumber said, “$10 for fixing the pipe, and $4990 for locating the correct pipe to fix.” That is the value of a Smart Prosperous Expert in any Field.

So, how can you become an Expert?

It’s a 4-step process. Ever heard of Deming’s PDCA or PDSA: Plan- Do- Check- Act or Plan-Do-Study-Act? This was a sound strategy for the Information Age. Do-Check iterations would be many and finally, only the best solution was implemented. This was like taking a position, taking your own time aiming at the bull’s eye, experiencing a few misses, and then hitting the bull’s eye with a great solution.

Earlier, during the Information Age it was Take position, {Aim, Fire} until Success.
Note: {..} implies a repetitive loop

In the Digital Era we do not have the privilege of shooting at a stationary target. Change is the new normal. The environment keeps changing: today Reels replaces Tik Tok, Google keeps upgrading their SERP algorithms, Facebook changes its Ad rules, a social media platform Instagram gains popularity and the old myspace is forgotten.

By the time we take aim, the target would have moved away, and we would have lost yet another great opportunity. Today, we need to Fire, correct the trajectory of the flying bullet, and ensure it land bulls-eye on the moving target.

There are 3 Phases you go through in your journey towards Expertise in any field:
Newbie, Budding Expert, and Expert.

The 4 stages to become an Expert in any Field

The 4 stages remain the same whatever phase of expertise you may be in. The 4 Stages are: Learn –> {Do + Do + Review} -> Publish & Teach -> Repeat i.e. Learn once more cycle round … until you always hit the moving target.

  1. Learn

Learning Pyramid
Learning Pyramid: Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic along with average Retention Rates

To pick up speed and avoid “common” mistakes, you need a Mentor and an Accountability Partner. Search for a person who has achieved success in the field you desire to become an expert. Surrender to his guidance if he agrees to be your Mentor. Join his community. Be a contributor. Learn what works and what does not from many peers around you in this safe environment. Find an Accountability Partner to remind, motivate, and cheer each other towards your individual goals.

Why you must have a Mentor

Roles of a Mentor
Roles of a Mentor: Advice, Motivate, Train. Goal Tracking. Support, Coaching, Direction, and Success

  • Too much information exists, it leads to information overload and encourages procrastination. You need structure and focus for quick, sustainable results.
  • Mentor has a community that is a safe haven for experimentation, review feedback, and help.
  • Your Accountability Partner prods and challenges you,
  • The Mentor watches over, sets challenges, and provides timely feedback.
  • To get the list of the best resources to use while creating your work: this saves you time, money, and effort.
  1. Do {Do + Do + Review}

You discuss your strategy and calendar with your Mentor and/or his team. Then put in massive action to complete all the tasks.

Why you must have a strategy and work calendar

Work Scheduler
Plan your work into a schedule. Then mark the Most Important Task MIT. Finish it in 1 chunk of time. Then select the next MIT

  1. There are many avenues to explore, the learning stage is addictive and encourages procrastination.
  2. Practise. Practise. And More Practise. Consistent, Daily Practise is a must.
    “It’s pure habit. I write from probably 7:30 till noon most days.” ~ Stephen King.

Create at least 2 chunks of 2 hours every day and decide which task, if completed, will move you fastest towards your goal of becoming an Expert. This should be your modified lifestyle for always: devote a minimum of 4 hours daily to develop and polish your art in 3-day cycles.

For example, if you want to become an Expert in content writing.
In these 2 time-slots you must do these 3 steps in 3-day cycles:
Step 1: Mind-map or write down the skeleton and Write on any topic

Write Daily
As a Content Writer, write Daily: Journal, Gratitude list, your thoughts on any topic, structured thoughts into articles for blog, chapters, or sections of a book.

Step 2: Write on another topic once more with an outline

Step 3: Polish your writing of days 1 and 2 by doing the following:

  • read it aloud to yourself & rewrite
  • read a lot esp. to get out of writer’s block,
  • use the Hemmingway app & rewrite
  • get it reviewed & rewrite

Another example, if you want to become an Expert in FB Ads: in these 2 time-slots you can Design FB Ads on day 1, design FB Ads on day 2, polish your design with a look into the FB Ads library of competitors

  1. Publish & Teach

You have to publish what you have done, be ready to receive compliments and criticisms. “When you face both compliments and criticisms with the same attitude of gratitude, then you are sure to become an Expert” ~ Dr. Naseem Mariam

Critiques and complaints teach you a lot more lessons and trigger your thoughts towards continuous improvements. The key here is to develop un-shakeable self-esteem and faith in your calling to be an Expert in your chosen field.

Content Calendar
Content Calendar Sample for a week. For a Content Writer with different task types

You could repeat “I am enough. I am awesome. I love my work. Work relaxes me. I love myself and am happiest when working. I am an Expert in my field”. These affirmations are commands to the unconscious 80% of your brain that usually lazes around doing nothing. Put it to work. Say your affirmations at the beginning of every hour that you are at work in the field you want to be an Expert in.

Why you must Publish

You are now familiar with using your work calendar. Enhance it now with the dates and times when you will publish your work.

Let us imagine that, as a content writer, every Tuesday at 11 am and Friday at 4 pm you post a new article on your blog, consistently. You send out your newsletter informing your email list about the new blog article posted. Human beings like consistency and persistence. So does Google.

If your audience knows when to expect new content from you, they will visit your blog/website to read it. Google & Social Media Channels loves comments, the earlier the better.

If your clients know that you won’t miss the deadline for sure, you’ll get more work. You can charge a premium and earn more.

Because discipline trumps skill most of the time. And skill + discipline is the surest combination to succeed.
~ Digital Deepak

As soon as you have completed a week of Step 2 ‘Do’ and have at least 2 articles published; you must teach others how you did it. Grow your tribe of believers in your work ethic around you. It’s easier to hold onto a work ethic that is the new normal among your new friends.

Another reason why you need a Mentor and his community. Gaurav Gurbaxani has built just such a marvelous community at Come on. Hop in. Join us on this happy, rewarding journey towards becoming an expert in your field.

  1. Repeat (same as 1. Learn)

Now that you have mastered discipline with a work calendar and improved your skills using the publishing calendar, you can go ahead and work SMART too.

Next Steps

Customer Avatar
Customer Avatar Template sample with Goals and Values, Challenges and Pain points, Sources of Information, and Role

You are ready to do the ‘usual’ Digital Marketing steps to find out Market Need:

  • Select your niche, micro-niche, identify your avatar
  • Do the competitor analysis, keywords research
  • We have a great team of experts at who can help you compress time by doing your market research for you. Request for a Market Analysis, top 100 titles for your blog, content writing, FB Ads, etc.


Thus, Discipline + Skill + Market need = SMART Prosperous Expert

About the Author: Dr. Naseem Mariam Ph.D. (Acu) loves to heal people. She helps super-busy, over-worked housewives maintain health and agility with custom-designed acupressure routines. She has cured 1000+ ladies in the past 10 years, and they now perform at their best level mentally and physically.

As a freelancer, her areas of expertise are Content writing, Testing & Project Management consultancy. For 24 yrs., she was in the IT industry as a systems Tester, in-house Faculty & Senior Project Manager. She is an author of articles and books on Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle since 2001. Visit her blogs at, and


Extra Income as Health and Beauty Icons

Health and Wellness is an evergreen niche. Many people need the services of health care professionals. Work from home, flexible hours at a career in alternative therapies like Acupuncture. Also, earn extra passive income through Affiliate marketing of Health and Beauty products

Niche Selection

IKIGAI: Intersection of 4 Questions:
What you are good at (Your Talent & Skills),
What you Love (Your Passion),
What the world needs, and
What people will pay for

Ikigai to select Niche
Ikigai to select Niche

Ikigai way to identify your niche and micro-niche

  1. What I am GOOD AT
    Trainer: Skills and certifications help me be a trainer: Soft skills, Experiential Learning through Games, certified Master Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Pranic Healing Teacher, certified SuJok Trainer, Director of Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Academy
    Healing: 10+ years’ experience in Acupuncture, SuJok, Hijama
    Affiliated to All Tamil Nadu Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Association (ATAMA),
    Indian Academy of Acupuncture Sciences (IAAS), International SuJok Association (ISA), and
    International Cupping Association (ICA).
  2. What I LOVE
    Healing people, counseling and coaching them to better health
  3. What the world NEEDS
    Natural alternative therapies and Ancient healing secrets to Vibrant Health
  4. What people will PAY for
    Solutions for any or combination of:
    Weight loss, belly fat, fatty liver, Digestive issues, heart issues,
    Breathing issues, skin problems, constipation, piles,
    Hormonal issues, fertility issues, Stones (Kidney, GB, UB),
    Urinary Incontinence, insomnia, stress, mental health issues,
    Calm mind, improve focus and attention, and many others.

1. Are you clear about your niche? My niche is clear.

2. What are the biggest challenges & fears you are facing when trying to choose your niche? (If you have already chosen your niche, please talk about how you chose your niche). *

My niche is Health & Wellness as I am an acupuncture professional and trainer. My micro niche is reducing belly fat. I have a personal success story. There are 4 daily habits that help bring Vibrant Health into a person’s life. They take a person N.E.A.R. Serene Wellness.

As they gain Vibrant Health, they can do 2 things to earn extra income working from home: Affiliate and/or network marketing of Health and Beauty products

Professional Career as an Acupuncture and Alternative Therapies Healer.

Belly Loss Blueprint Fills the GAP
Belly Loss Blueprint and Belly Loss 5 habits Workshop fill the GAP to take the lady to her desired state of Vibrant Health and Serene Wellness. All you need to do is hold on to 5 N.E.A.R. habits. N.E.A.R. stands for Natural Nutrition, Easy Exercises, Attractive Attitude, Rejuvenating Rest using Alternative therapies and Ancient Healing Secrets of India. This is the first step towards Serene Wellness in 7 Areas.

  1. Which category will your niche fit into? *

Serene Wellness 7 Areas of Life
The 7 Areas of Serene Wellness creates the holistic human being. First balance the individual level (PV,EW,SC); Then work on your relationships (RP, SC), Balancing the 2 Abundances of Time and Money.

Health [Now Serene Wellness Area 1,2 and 3]

Wealth [Later Serene Wellness Area 4 and 5]

Relationships [Later Serene Wellness Area 6 and 7]

Hobbies / Arts / Crafts [Story Telling to kids: Serene Wellness Area 6 and 7]

Entertainment [Story Telling to kids: Serene Wellness Area 6 and 7]

Serene Wellness Daily Practise in 7 Areas
“Serene Wellness Daily Practise in 7 Areas” by Healer Naseem Mariam

4. What do you think about the competition in your niche? Are you afraid and worried that there are too many players? Or do you think that you can do better than them? (Try to give a detailed explanation).

Yes. There is a huge competition. I am not afraid or worried. My competition is always with myself. My results and feedback received from batch 2 must be better than batch 1 participants. I improve my game every step of the way.

My ideal customer avatar is Mrs. Seetha, aged 35-55 years married with teenage children. First demography is Chennai, then 6 major cities in India, then onto rest of the world. Social media edutainment is a great way to locate these ladies.

  1. What are some of the niche ideas you have in your mind right now? *

My niche ideas are:

Belly Loss Blueprint: Come N.E.A.R. Vibrant Health
Belly Loss Blueprint: Come N.E.A.R. Vibrant Health, Weight Loss Enhance Immunity and Calm, Focussed Mind

Belly Loss Blueprint – Weight Loss Book

My 2nd book “Belly Loss Blueprint: Come N.E.A.R. Vibrant Health”,
and it has a companion workbook called “Belly Loss 5-Habits Workbook”:
The 5 habits are Natural Nutrition, Easy Exercises, Attractive Attitude, Rejuvenating Rest … woven together with Alternative therapies & Ancient Healing Secrets.
#workfromhome #healthywealthywoman #vibrantHealth #ReduceBellyFat

  1. What is the No.1 Thing you want to learn from your mentor about niche selection? *

Siddharth Rajsekar, my Tribe Building Mentor, Sidz ( asked me to research 1000 questions in at least 10 sub-areas of my micro niche and create a swipe file.

To Deepak Kanagaraju (, my Internship Master, I ask how to attract my 50 to 100 ideal customers, gift them to take a survey. free 121 consultations. I could offer them free or subsidized access to my online courses for feedback.

I learn the 9 skills of Digital Marketing till I Master them in order that I may more effectively, speedily meet, build trust, and nurture my target audience.

9 Skills of Digital Marketing
9 Skills of Digital Marketing

  1. What tools, methods, or approaches that you have used to discover your niche (or try to discover) in the past?I am happy with my niche and sub-niche also my USP “N.E.A.R. Vibrant Health”, an undertaking of Serene Wellness Academy. (Serene Wellness defines 7 Life Areas).

Research completed till now:
queries available in answerthepublic,
Amazon search for books,
Coursera and udemy search for courses,
blog search, free pdf downloads search.

Research in Aug 2020: (sidz challenge):
swipe file & buzzwords
quora to pick up related questions;
Clickbank (inspired by the copy), for headlines,
Buzzsumo for trending content in my niche and micro-niche.

Actions to do:

(i) Build a swipe file and scrapbook,
(ii) 1000 Questions at least 10 for ten chapters,
(iii) create survey gifts include 2 questions:
“What is your biggest #1 challenge you want to learn?” or
“What prevents you from enjoying good health today?”
(iv) My Healthy Habits Evaluation Quiz is already available.
(v) For taking the survey they win free 121 for 15 minutes with me to understand their needs better
(vi) get 50 to 100 people to take the course and get amazing feedback and video testimonials: then split the video into 111 pieces of social media content as per Alyssa’s method


A. FREELANCE PROJECTS F1. In training to earn thru freelancing and execution of full-funnel projects as a team. I like content marketing and copywriting, Google My Business, WordPress 5-page website. Create transcripts in pdf and eBooks from webinar and video content.


T1. My books: “Serene Wellness: Daily Practise in 7 Areas” is a Blueprint for 7 books. Kindle or pdf version of the book as a free gift. the tripwire is 7 days online course, 7 weeks Serene Wellness Habits Workshop as Core Product. Profit Maximisers: Group weekly Masterminds, High Ticket 121 Coaching, Monthly membership community

T2. My 2nd book on Physical Health is nearing completion. “Belly Loss Blueprint: Come N.E.A.R. Vibrant Health” kindle, paperback, and audio version as Tripwire or free.

A companion workbook called “Belly Loss 5-days Habits Workbook” with 5-days online course Habits of Vibrant Health (currently ongoing as WhatsApp workshop with daily Zoom calls) and Healthy Habits Evaluation Quiz.

Belly Loss Blueprint and Habits Workbook
Belly Loss Blueprint and Habits Workbook

The core product is 3 months Habits of Vibrant Health.
Profit Maximizers: Group weekly Masterminds, High Ticket 121 Coaching,
A monthly membership community, Serene Wellness Associates (Health & Beauty Affiliates like network marketing)

Tripwire: Rs. 4999 (start and in 3 months upgrade to Rs. 14999)
Core Product: 3 months Rs. 14999 (in 6 months upgrade to Rs. 29999)
Profit Maximisers: Group weekly Mastermind Rs. 19999 for 6 months or Rs. 29999 for a year

T3. Specific daily healthy habits for the following:
Diabetes & BP, Kidney, Liver & GB Health,
Gut Health, Healthy Heart,
Hormonal Health, Fertile Families,
Age Gracefully etc.

T4. Similarly, the other areas of Serene Wellness also will have the same structure. The other 6 areas are Emo/Mental, Spiritual, Time Priority, Financial, Relationships (storytelling to inculcate values and strong beliefs), and Community Service.

T5.  PROFESSIONAL courses: Train graduates to become Acupuncture specialists (1 Lakh),
Hijama practitioners (25k) and SuJok therapists (50k).

T6. Affiliate and Network Marketing of Health & Beauty products and services identified by Masterminds in our tribe “Belly Loss Oaks & Olives” (Oaks and Olives as per Bach remedies have these character traits: Oaks are ladies who overwork physically, they are drained out yet will not rest or cannot rest. Olives are ladies who are mentally exhausted).

MY experiences in Marketing, Sales & Branding
1. Customer Support for 250 software “products” (digital products in Datacomm and Telecom area). Coordinated with Sales & Marketing teams to write project proposals and get the sale. Also was in charge of huge client-specific software projects with up to 100-member teams.

  1. As a healer handled marketing and self-promotion through seminars and lectures.
  2. After starting Digital Marketing, ran few FB Ads. Got inquiries for Acupuncture and SuJok courses. The best most fruitful experience was after lockdown.

(i) Acupuncture Ad in Tamil sent thru Instagram Ad to ladies 25-50 years, around 20kn radius of Alandur. Both times some 10+ ladies responded with health queries. I sent them the solutions thru pictures and text instructions. They followed the instructions and had good relief.

(ii) Binge marketing 2 batches of BL5HW (Belly Loss 5-days Habits Workshop) conducted. The first batch had 10 participants all free. 2nd batch had participants a few Rs. 199 others Rs. 499. Many appreciated the reading material. Early results are positive. Waiting for testimonials from them after a month or 2.


I thank God that by profession I am in a very popular and high paying niche. Learning the basics of digital marketing. Freelancing jobs will help me learn various aspects of Digital Marketing life cycles.


A. Further Reading

  1. Online Business: Simple, Easy, now (Simple Easy Now Book 1) Kindle Edition by Gaurav Gurbaxani (Author)
  2. GIG ECONOMY IN INDIA RISING: GEN X-Millennial-Z [Print Replica] Kindle Edition by AMITAVA GHOSH (Author)
  3. The Gig Is Up: Thrive in the Gig Economy. Where Old Jobs Are Obsolete and Freelancing Is the Future Kindle Edition by Olga Mizrahi (Author)
  4. The Gig Economy: The Complete Guide to Getting Better Work, Taking More Time Off, and Financing the Life You Want Kindle Edition by Diane Mulcahy (Author)

B. Read these eBooks

  1. This eBook gives you a ground reality on what it takes to successfully create an income stream apart from your day job. A Step-by-Step Guide to Earn ₹70,000/- a Month by Freelance Digital Marketing
  2. Accomplished Freelancers who make Lakhs of Rupees each month reveal their business secrets for the first time for you! Stop Working for Peanuts – Freelancer Guide eBook Bundle

C. Join these courses & community

Health & Wellness Niche Belly Loss 5-day Habits Workshop by Dr. Naseem Mariam

Get certified by Online Business Organization in various streams of Digital Marketing

The freelance community at

Online Business Mentorship by Gaurav Gurbaxani


Ladies can apply for membership to the Belly Loss Oaks & Olives FB Group. You will get free training to be an Entrepreneur and Health & Beauty Affiliate. DM Dr. Naseem Mariam with your name, cell number, city, and email id.

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Dr. Naseem Mariam
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Dr. Naseem Mariam PhD (Acu) loves to heal people. Her mission is to inculcate the 5 N.E.A.R. habits of Vibrant Health in her tribe. N.E.A.R. stands for Natural Nutrition, Easy Exercises, Attractive Attitude, Rejuvenating Rest using Alternative therapies, and Ancient Healing Secrets of India. This is the first step towards Serene Wellness in 7 Areas.