Belly Loss Blueprint – All Bonuses


Serene Wellness 1st Area: Physical Vitality PV

“Belly Loss Blueprint: Come N.E.A.R. Vibrant  Health” has many Bonuses.

  1. “Detox Drinks to Reduce Belly Fat, And Enhance Immunity” by Dr. Naseem Mariam Ph.D. (Acu)

Detox Drinks to Reduce Belly Fat And Enhance Immunity

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2. Three Diet Plans by Dr. J. Shakira, my M.D. (Acu) student

3. “Exercises for Lower Abs & Acu Yoga for Belly Loss” by Dr. Naseem Mariam & Dr. Santhadevi

4. Attractive Attitude Bonuses

a. Prayer                         Audio  Pa1   Pa2    Pa3                    Video Pv1   Pv2    Pv3
b. Affirmations                 Audio  Aa1   Aa2    Aa3                    Video Av1   Av2    Av3
c. Guided Meditations     Audio  Ma1   Ma2    Ma3                    Video Mv1   Mv2    Mv3

5. Rejuvenating Rest