Belly Loss 4 Habits Workshop


Reduce Belly Fat, Enhance Immunity, Enjoy Vibrant Health

This workshop has been held many times since its inception in July 2020. It’s based along the lines of Mr. Gopalakrishnan’s Binge Marketing with a few twists and unique additional features.

The Backdrop of Serene Wellness

Author of “Serene Wellness: Daily Practise in 7 Areas” is Healer Naseem Mariam. She had submitted her thesis for Ph.D. Acupuncture in 2013-2914. But the Degree certificate was lost in the Chennai floods. At the time the book had gone to print in Sep 2018, the 2nd copy of the Ph.D. certificate had not yet reached her. So “Serene Wellness” had to have her name as “Healer” Naseem Mariam on the cover.

Subsequently, the fresh copy of her Ph.D. Acupuncture Degree did arrive from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The first book was a Blueprint of Serene Wellness in 7 Areas, the first is Physical Vitality. Physical Vitality means a person is in Vibrant Health. In order to achieve Vibrant Health, the first step is to get rid of and keep Belly Fat away. Visceral fat has many disadvantages.

Belly Loss Blueprint: Come N.E.A.R Vibrant Health

1 in 4 Indian women aged 25+ is obese. As a young adult, Belly Fat often leads to irregular periods, hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, PCOS, and difficulty in getting pregnant. Every girl has the innate capability of being fertile and bearing a child, but lifestyle habits have led to excess visceral (abdominal) fat and reduced her chances of becoming a mother naturally.

As a working mother with young children, often working full-time career with the stress of work-life balance, the Indian young mothers aged 35 to 45 years have little or no time to take care of their own health.

“Belly Loss Blueprint – Come N.E.A.R. Vibrant Health” by Dr. Naseem Mariam

My ideal client is a 40+ corporate executive over-worked stressed out balancing office pressures and the home front where she is a caregiver to aged parents and teenage children. At the office, she is a powerhouse of authority, respect, and command. Yet, once she enters her home, the people she cares for – and would die for – treat her as a “resource”. She feels ignored, unappreciated and no one in her first circle thinks of HER emotional, physical, or psychological needs. Just because she always does what is needed, is trustworthy, reliable and a wall of strength in a crisis, people around her forget that she is human too. UNTIL the crash … 
It is to avoid just such a crash that she looks forward to my coaching.

The 3 qualities my ideal client embodies are Trust, Power, and Grace. She just needs to exercise them consistently in all 7 Areas of her life. Being her authentic self, she heals and there is peace manifested, love expressed, and joy shared wherever she goes.

That’s the story of myself ten years ago … until I found the 2 Enablers: Natural Acupuncture Therapies and Ancient Healing Secrets. Healing myself from within and creating harmony with integrity of character in all Arenas of Life turned me from a silent, passive-aggressive doormat at home to a supportive, assertive Healer and Coach. 

The book “Belly Loss Blueprint: Come N.E.A.R. Vibrant Health” by Dr. Naseem Mariam, Ph.D. (Acu) deals with 4 simple lifestyle habits necessary and sufficient to Reduce Belly Fat, Enhance Immunity and Pulsate with Joy, Energy, and Positive Vibrations. NEAR is an acronym for
N Natural Nutrition
E Easy Exercises
An Attractive Attitude, and
R Rejuvenating Rest.

“Belly Loss 4 Habits: Workbook for Vibrant Health” is Born

Some books write themselves and “Belly Loss 4 Habits: Workbook for Vibrant Health” is an example. One crazy weekend, while attending a virtual seminar on Binge Marketing conducted by Mr. Gopalakrishnan of #dmc, #dmbchennai one of the 9 Digital Masters of Digital Masters Boot camp, I was reckless enough to accept his challenge and agree to conduct a 5-day workshop using WhatsApp, video lessons and Zoom calls. I did that because I finally saw the dots connect in front of my eyes and saw the full flow from the time the workshop is announced till the time the testimonials are received for a workshop with transformational results for each participant.

Belly Loss Habits: Workbook for Vibrant Health

Now the training material did not exist. I had 5 days before the coming Monday when I had promised TEN people (all attendees from the Binge Marketing seminar) that they would get a taste of Vibrant Health during my workshop. As I mentioned in my article “4 ways to become a Smart Prosperous Expert“, all the workbook needed from me was: Discipline + Skill + Market need.

The workbook got an Introduction explaining the concept and what was expected of the participant. 4 Chapters one for each Habit. Each chapter also had tips from the 2 Enablers: Acupressure routines, Essential Oils and Home remedies.

Next, I wanted to be sure that I addressed all the health concerns of each individual attending the workshop. So I needed a survey. I had used during my earlier Digital Marketing days of 2001-2004. So that was a natural choice for me.

Created a 4 question Healthy Habits Evaluation Quiz with simple questions:
1. Gender
2. Age in any one of 4 groups (15-25, 25-35, 35-50, 50+)
3. Health Issues {5 suggestions and one Other} and
4. When would they declare the workshop as a success {4 suggestions and one Other}

I have since then created a copy of that survey for anyone at Healthy Habits Evaluation – Awesome Influencers. All visitors are welcome to take this quiz.

Here are the Statistics as on 10-Oct-2020 of data given by the 29 participants of 4 batches of the workshop:

Belly Loss Blueprint and Habits Workbook

Core Values of the Belly Loss Oaks & Olives Tribe

Core Value 1: TRUST means dependable, reliable, will be steadfast to any promise given, always punctual to appointments. Alignment of thoughts, words, and deeds. Integrity. This has the color blue. While shopping for clothes, my eyes naturally admire outfits in sky blue combined with light pink.

Core Value 2: POWER is part and parcel of every woman as a creation of the Almighty. In order to keep her family running smoothly, she is a tigress with full power, courage, and resilience to face any situation with calmness and serenity. I love the color purple which is associated with power.

Core Value 3: GRACE and gratitude. A female must be a lady full of Grace and Inner Beauty. The color that attracts me is pink, the color of grace and beauty. My late mother Mrs. Qamar Usmani was the epitome of Grace and Serene Beauty. I wish to emulate her.

Do leave your comments and feedback, DM me at @naseemmacu on IG or Twitter to inquire about the next workshop scheduled

About the author: Dr. Naseem Mariam Ph.D. (Acu) loves to heal people. Her mission is to help super-busy over-worked housewives maintain health and agility with custom-designed acupressure routines. She has cured 1000+ ladies in the past 10 years, and they now perform at their best mentally and physically.

As a freelancer, her areas of expertise are Content writing, Testing & Project Management consultancy esp. to align a company’s Mission, Vision, and Strategy to their systems design. Her first career for 24 yrs., was in the IT industry testing systems, in-house Faculty & Project Management. Author of articles books on Health Wellness and Lifestyle since 2001. Blogs:, Visit IG, Twitter @naseemmacu for health tips.

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