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Dr. Naseem MariamDr. Naseem Mariam, M.Sc. (Applied Maths), M.D. (Acu), Ph.D. (Acu)

Healer Naseem Mariam, an acupuncture doctor for nearly a decade, noticed that her patients achieved faster, long-lasting healing as they incorporated balance in the 7 areas of their lives. Her greatest passion is to teach school/college students, young adults, and every patient many simple healing techniques: acupressure, exercise, balanced diets, food supplements, and lifestyle habits to increase immunity, get deeper refreshing sleep, balance emotions/mental states, and prevent common diseases. The healing goal of her Healing Associations is one healer in every home all over the world.

Prior to her healing practice, Naseem Mariam was a Communication Software Manager and motivational speaker for over two decades. While in the IT industry she counseled, coached, and mentored her IT staff to balance work with pleasure/leisure, schedule time for self, career, relatives, and society. The more balanced the person was in the 7 areas, the more effective, and efficient he was in his technical work.

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