The 7 Areas of Serene Wellness creates a holistic human being. First balance the individual level (PV, EW, SC); Then work on your relationships (RP, SC), Balancing the 2 Abundance of Time and Money.

The 7 Areas & 3 dimensions of Holistic Health are:

  1. Health: 3 inner circles of holistic health at the individual level for Vibrancy (PC, EW, SC)
    Inculcating the 4 Lifestyle Habits of N.E.A.R. for Vibrant Fitness helps:
    Natural Nutrition, Easy Exercises, Attractive Attitude, and Rejuvenating Rest.
    The 2 books “Belly Loss Blueprint” and “Belly Loss Habits” Workbook discuss this topic.
  2. Abundance: trade-off between 2 abundances of time vs. money for Wealth (TR, FA), and
  3.  People Success: Serene Wellness needs social relationships for Harmony and Peace (RP and CS).

Work from Inside-Out: First balance the individual level (PV, EW, SC) for Wellness of Body, Mind, and Soul.
Then work on your relationships (RP, SC) with Attitude of Service and Mission, Vision, and Purpose.
Lastly, always remember to balance the Abundance of Time and Money.

As your Guide, Coach & Mentor, we are happy to help you heal.
Choose Your Attitude. We will work together towards Your WELLNESS and SERENITY.

“Serene Wellness Daily Practise in 7 Areas” by Healer Naseem Mariam

 “Serene Wellness: Daily Practise in 7 Areas,” by Healer Naseem Mariam
“Serene Wellness flourishes in the discipline of daily practice.” ~ Healer Naseem Mariam


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